Testimonial from Dr. John Nolan

Dr. John P. Nolan
La Jolla Bioengineering Institute

“We asked Kinetic River to develop a BeamWise model of a prototype instrument to help us scope and prioritize possible refinements to improve performance, robustness and cost. The Kinetic River team took our schematics and parts list and integrated these into BeamWise and LiveIdeas models of our system.

BeamWise provided a CAD model of the mechanical components of our system that could be used guide the design of a manufacturable version of our system. LiveIdeas provided a functional model that could be used to evaluate how various options for alternative light sources and optics might impact performance.

The BeamWise/LiveIdeas system should greatly increase the efficiency of future design revision for our systems.

– Dr. John P. Nolan of La Jolla Bioengineering Institute