BeamWise and Optica Announce Joint Program

San Jose, CA, December 10, 2015 — BeamWise, Inc. is excited to announce a joint program with Optica Software. The joint project will allow Optica users to specify physical components in BeamWise and produce 2D & 3D drawings. BeamWise supports import and export to AutoCAD and SolidWorks.

Optica4 is a high-level optical design package for Mathematica. It performs polarization raytracing, non-sequential ray-tracing, energy calculations, and optimization of optical systems in three-dimensional space. It also performs symbolic modeling of optical systems, diffraction, interference, wave-front, and Gaussian beam propagation calculations. BeamWise fills the gap between the optical world and the mechanical world. Current tools, like AutoCAD and SolidWorks, do not have a model for the beam alignment requirements for optical components. BeamWise is a design automation system with design rules and a component library that augments AutoCAD or SolidWorks to guarantee that the alignment is always maintained as design changes are rippled through the beam path.

About Optica

Optica ( performs geometric, nonsequential, polarization ray-trace calculations of optical systems in three-dimensional space. It is great for complex lens design and lightsource illumination design. Optica builds on the functionality of Mathematica to calculate wavefront interference and diffraction, Gaussian beam propagation, ABCD matrix models, and analytic representations of optical systems. Enables real-time control and optimization of your optical system component parameters with Mathematica 6/7 sliders, locator buttons and input fields.

About BeamWise

BeamWise, Inc.( offers software tools and services for the design of complex optical systems; we specialize in model-based design automation and configuration solutions. Our products significantly reduce the time and errors involved in developing and maintaining optical systems. With BeamWise, an instrument developer can define an optical system; the software then automatically generates 2D functional drawings, full 3D CAD models, and a parts list.

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